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Meet Lynn/Urquides' School Counselor

Hello! My name is Allyson Clingman-Kittle, I am Lynn/Urquides Counselor Intern. I would love to introduce myself and explain more about my role here. It is my first year here at Lynn. I am a Graduate student at the University of Arizona, studying Mental Health and School Counseling. My involvement with students takes place in a variety of ways. One of the functions of my role in
the school is to implement school wide prevention programs, such as bullying prevention, character education, drug and alcohol awareness, and career education. The primary way this takes place is through the form of classroom lessons. Students see me once per week in the classroom for 30 minutes. In addition to classroom lessons, students are able to participate in small group lessons. In these small groups I facilitate learning and connection on many different topics. Each group has a particular focus, examples include, grief, social skills, friendship, or coping with family changes. These groups run throughout the school year and typically last around six weeks. All students at Lynn are able to meet with me individually as well, as needed. Students can see me before and after school, as well as throughout the day with permission of their teacher or other school staff member. Other responsibilities of the School Counselor include attending IEP and 504 meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and supporting the families of our students. As the School Counselor this year it is my goal to build connections with all students here at Lynn. By supporting and empowering students, we can create a campus community of resilience and kindness.

If you would like to connect with me, please reach out to me by email or by phone at 520-908-4084.

Ally Clingman-Kittle

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