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School Rules / Motto
Respectful ● Responsible ● Ready to Learn
Respetuoso● Responsable ● Listo Para Aprender

Keep Showing Coyote Pride
¡Sigan mostrando el Orgullo!

School Uniform Policy
School uniforms are blue bottoms, and white polo shirt type tops for boys and girls.

Girls may also wear skirts and if they will wear leggings or tights, they should be white or navy blue.

If your child will wear an undershirt under the white polo shirt, this undershirt should be either white or navy blue.

Please review your student handbooks that were given to you in the beginning of the school year.

Uniforme Escolar

El uniforme escolar debe ser pantalón o falda azul marino y camisa blanca tipo polo tanto para niños como para niñas.

Las niñas pueden usar mallas pero estas deben se azul marino o blancas. Si su hijo(a) va usar camiseta debajo de su camisa blanca, esta también debe de ser azul marino o blanca.

Favor de revisar el manual escolar que fue proporcionado al inicio del año escolar.

Si tiene uniformes escolares que a su hijo(a) ya no le queden, le agradeceríamos considerar la opción de donarlos a la escuela.

En ocasiones es necesario que algunos niños se cambien de uniforme y es cuando hacemos uso de los uniformes donados.

Parent Information

Drop Off/Pick Up
All student drop off and pick up is in the front, by the office. All vehicles must continue moving. If you are waiting for a student, park in a parking lot space.

Breakfast is $1.25
Lunch is $2.30
Free/Reduced lunch application:
Prepay for student meals:

All Absences must be reported to 520-908-4000.

Dress Code
White polo shirt with navy blue bottoms and close-toed shoes. – see Governing Board Policy JICA for complete dress code details.

Cell Phones and other Personal Electronics
Cell phones and other personal electronics are to be left at home, if possible. If a device is brought to school, it is to be kept in the student’s backpack at all times. – see Governing Board Policy JICJ-R
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